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The Problem

Chick-fil-a currently has books and educational toys that kids can read while eating inside of the restaurant and take home but the company wants to make things digital and more interactive. Using geolocation and social media tagging, Chick-fil-a wants to serve targeted digital content to in-store guests can interact with books and games for the kids and share their store experience in an innovative way.


How do kids interact with current activities provided in store?
How do families interact with mobile devices when dining out?
What kind of content is provided?
Utilize intergeneration features within app, or create a new app?
How do kids find new games or books?
Gamified app for new levels and or characters?
Explore in-store game play vs. out-of-store game play.
Explore social tagging within new function of current app?

My Role

My role within this project was to help conduct in-store surveys, give input on user personas, research competitive and comparative results, conceptualize and illustrate game and app development.

Competitive and Comparative Research

Before even thinking about design or sketching ideas for the app, I started out doing a ton of user research on who Chick-fil-A's competitors are. I found the results interesting because I didn't think of some of these companies as competitors of theirs. After gathering all the research information I found that no one offered a rewards program for kids. 

The best way to approach and solve the problem that Chick-fil-A wanted to address was to integrate a kids reward program into their current app. The new addition to the app would contain educational games for kids of all ages and would integrate the use of geolocation services, push notifications and a Facebook page so kids could share their progress and gain even more reward points. 

How would you get customers to use the game outside of the store? Kids would still be able to earn points for playing the game outside of the store but they would not get as many reward points for playing while in the store and certain functionality of the games would be disabled at the same time.

Personas and User Flows

Research, Research, Research... For this project I contributed to the survey questions and then went to Chick-fil-A to ask customers questions that we had come up with for our on-line survey and their thoughts. 

The results from our in-store interviews and on-line survey found were interesting and those results created our personas and pushed our design process forward in the direction that resolved both Chcik-fil-A's  and their users problems.

Sketching & Testing 

Brainstorming, sketching and more sketching. The things I love to do. When working within a team environment or even within a small group, communication is the key. Bouncing ideas off one another and giving each other feedback allows for the thought processes to flow. After a lot of design ideas from both  team members,  a paper prototype was built for rapid testing and iterating before anything was designed on the computer. User feedback is always important before starting  to build wireframes of the initial interface and game design.

Wireframes & Prototyping

After rounds of User testing, I finally got to start working on the Site Map and wireframing the User interface for the game that we came up with. Our user research determined that users  would prefer not to download an additional app for kids games so the logical next step was to integrate this functionality into the already existing Chick-fil-A app.  Since Chick-fil-A has a Kids Club section, which are on-line books that kids can download and read, I played off that name and called the new addition to the app "The Kids Club Rewards Corner." 

The Chick-fil-A main screen has two separate navigation systems and the new addition could be rolled seamlessly into the secondary navigation.

Wireframing and Prototyping was done in Axure

User Testing & Results

Testing, testing and more testing...  User testing was conducted in-person and online with many different users.  Utilizing social media to distribute our on-line survey, along with conducting live tests on customers and their children. The prototype was then hosted on an outside server and a link was uploaded to to reach as many users and gain as much feedback as possible. After analysing our user testing, a final round of design iterations were made to the prototype and the final product was introduced.

The Chick-fil-A Kids Club Rewards Corner Prototype
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